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Partners + Resources Rachel Donnelly July 13, 2021

Our goal at Black Dress Consultants is to ensure that every need you have is met throughout the after loss and legacy planning process. If you’re looking for trusted organizations to help you with legal, financial, and memorial planning, we recommend the following!

Our Partners You Can Depend On

We’re proud to partner with the following organizations to help our clients navigate legacy planning and after loss. Please note, we do NOT receive a referral commission with these organizations, and we trust them fully! 

Bequest Law specializes in wills and estate planning. Their expertise can help you have peace of mind when making plans to prepare for the future.

CapSouth Wealth Management is there to guide you through multiple aspects of finance. Whether you need assistance with trust services or estate planning, they have someone who can help.

Legacy Concierge safeguards your digital after life and assets by securing your digital estate and providing legacy management. With our Legacy Planning clients, Black Dress Consultants offers their Legacy Vault platform, which is an Individual Secure Vault for maintaining and organizing digital and tangible assets for the purposes of estate planning or record keeping.

Mary Jo Sullivan Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices of Georgia

Pixorium will help you deal with a lifetime (or generations) of family photos and albums. They guide individuals and families on how to downsize, organize, preserve, and share their family photos and stories either through in-person or virtual coaching.

TGBeyond helps bring intimacy to the celebration of your loved one’s life through virtual connection. If circumstances aren’t allowing in-person connection, they can provide a beautiful virtual memorial.

Resources We Trust to Be There for You

Looking for resources and recommendations to assist with donations, grief support, coping, organization, and preserving loving memories? 

Check out our vetted and frequently updated list here