Solutions for Life’s Transitions

Our Mission

Black Dress Consultants is an end-of-life concierge and consulting firm that helps families strategically manage the administrative and logistical tasks of legacy planning and organization, after loss and everything in between while also integrating your family values and traditions. We provide personalized solutions for life's transitions giving you and your family the space to live worry-free and grieve peacefully.

Rachel Donnelly

Some days I feel like a real-life Little Orphan Annie whose life should be subtitled “Death Becomes Her.” When I was 16, my father passed away at the age of 48. A few years later, we moved my grandmother to an assisted living home where she passed shortly after. Several years later, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away shortly thereafter. Her passing left me with five houses to clean out and sell, as well as her role as caregiver for my uncle. Last fall, my uncle passed away from Parkinson’s Disease and I’ve recently assumed the role of Co-Executrix of his estate.

Many times over, I’ve been where many of you might be right now. I have been totally overwhelmed by all the work that came with managing the business of death. I’ve agonized over whether I was making the best decisions according to the wishes of my loved ones. I founded Black Dress Consultants to help others in the same difficult position. Our mission is to provide solutions for life's transitions. At Black Dress Consultants, we are your allies for legacy planning and trusted guide for navigating the end-of-life decisions.

How We Serve You