What We Do

Have you recently lost a loved one and aren't sure where to even begin? Or, are you getting a head start on planning your own end-of-life wishes and organizing your estate? Whichever it may be, we are here to help you navigate the administrative tasks that come with these big life transitions. The loss of a friend or family member deserves space to grieve, and we are here to make sure you or your loved ones have that space. We handle the business of death so that you can grieve peacefully.

We help families strategically manage the logistics of legacy planning, after loss and everything in between while also integrating your family values and traditions. We provide personalized solutions for life's transitions giving you and your family the space to live worry-free and grieve peacefully.

Client Testimonials

  • Professional and efficient. Tremendous customer service!
    Jodi Meade, Quincy, MA
  • Rachel is so easy to work with. I enjoyed her company, and she is so valuable with organization skills and electronic disposal.
    Cecilia E., Atlanta, GA
  • Rachel provides a remarkable service - practically essential but often overlooked - for recent widows at a loss as how to manage the barrage of responsibilities suddenly thrust on them, whether unfamiliar and confusing financial dealings or organizing memorial services - and much more - all while dealing with their own grief. I found Rachel to be highly professional, knowledgeable, and efficient as well as extremely helpful and easy to work with. She worked quickly and effectively for me -  in each situation, doing as much or as little as was needed. I also found her, probably because of her personal experiences of family loss, to be empathetic, understanding and reassuring. She shared and/or lifted lots of burdens from my shoulders.
    Susan S., Powder Springs, GA
  • Thank you, Rachel, for everything you did to make the day of mom’s service, reception, and celebration so memorable and smooth. And, for helping us deliver the lemon bars to the bridge group. Mom would have loved this gesture. We so appreciate all you've done so far to help us.       
    The Family of Kate Gillis Felton, Atlanta, GA
  • I believe so much in what you are doing. I am pulling together all of my estate planning currently and will be adding your contact information and the BDC overview with my estate planning instructions and resources for the executor.        
    Claire K., Atlanta, GA